Sierra Colt                     irezumi
Thank you for checkin out my site.

I have officially opened up my new shop in Little Italy in San Diego. It is called Bearcat Tattoo Gallery. 2419 Kettner Blvd San Diego, CA 92101 619-269-2979

I'm looking forward to showing you all our new art gallery and studio. See you soon,

If you would like an appointment to get tattooed at the show please hit me up ASAP at or give me a ring. I know these spots will fill up quick.

Hope to see you there

Gettin Work Done
If you are interested in getting a custom tattoo or painting of your own,definitely contact me. I usually will start with a consultation where we will talk about your ideas and brainstorm a little. Then I will create it on paper and we will tattoo it or paint it. Easy enough. Japanese Irezumi is my main focus with large flowing pieces but no piece is too small.

Be sure to bring in any photos, drawings, statues, pets, crumpled up papers you have been holding on to for years, or any other reference materials that will help describe your tattoo idea.

My rate is 175.00 per hour

Currently there is a 2-3 month wait out on all large projects.

I do take consultation appointments every week.

I require a 175.00 deposit for your first hour to get started on your tattoo sketches.
Your deposit is applied towards your tattoo during your final sitting.