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Framed in ornate filagree 8 inch width around
Oil on canvas

"Her mind is calm as she masters the final plan. The mask that has kept her vitality in mystery is ready to reveal. Crushing all her ancient thoughts and habits, this is the day her past flies away." ~Sierra

I am attached to this painting more than I can ever explain. I am so excited to see who it connects and feels here energy. I know she will have a beautiful home.

Framed in an ornate 8' wood filagree "Masquerade" was created for "Taking Flight" art show. The original painting is created in oil on canvas. Currently it is on display at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery. Please stop in to see it in person and If you are interested in the original please email me at sierra@bearcattattoo.com

The print series is also available. It is printed on mint quality soft gloss paper with archival pigment. An amazing capture of the original oil. The size is 20 x 30 each print is hand signed and numbered by myself. the print series is limited to 150. You will receive the lowest number at the time of purchase

Click Here if you would like a print