Movie Consult

Movie Consult

I had an amazing opportunity to do some movie consultation work on the "Hangover 2"
With an invite to Warner bros. Studios we showed up to the gates and flashed our badges. Just like that we were on the lot and headed to the set for “The Hangover 2.”
The film crew had built an amazing replica of an old tattoo shop in the streets of Thailand. The vast size of the studio made this full scale tattoo shop seem tiny as it sat within the huge W.B warehouse.

As Consultants my good friend Seth and I were involved in all the props for the tattoo scenes. We set dressed the tattoo areas, provided wall stencils and artwork as well as actor coaching.
The director Todd Phillips came through to meet us and we had a few laughs considering the funny tattoo scenes. He was really cool to work with and definitely respected the work we did to get the set perfect. After shoots with Mel Gibson and Liam Nielsen they ended up going with actor/director Nick Cassavetes to play the roll as “Joe The Tattoo Artist.”

They asked me to bring my paintings and artwork up as well as a solid truck load of tattoo shop decor. If you look closely in the movie, all the stencil designs on the walls in the tattoo scenes are mine. I feel honored to know my work gave authenticity to one hell of a funny movie.

The actual "face tattoo" was applied by a make up artist.

This was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to more projects like this.

Movie Consultation Projects

If you are looking to bring us on for your project here are some of the available features that we bring to the table.

Stencil Work
Hand Drawn and Temporary
Providing on site hand stenciling as well as pre set stencils. Everything from initial design creation to day to day on site application. High quality temporary tattoo stencils with the highest realism.

Scene Consultation
From the shop set up to actor coaching and lingo. On set coaching to discuss shot possibilities and all necessary questions. Insurance of true to life tattoo scene.

Set Artwork
We provide framed tattoo art, tattoo portfolios, and other tattoo style art. I can also do on site paintings or large format murals. Anything on the set can be painted with tattoo imagery or art style.

Actor Training
We have seen too many movies and shows depicting tattooing and artists the wrong way. We will ensure that the actors know how to properly represent a tattoo artist and the tattoo process. I will train them in technique and shop lingo. We will ensure that nothing comes across "cheesy" or unrealistic.

Prop Set Up
As well as providing props we are available for prop placement and set up. instruction to actors in proper use and technique of tattoo equipment will be provided.

Set Decor
Me and my team can provide full decor including furniture for tattoo shop scenes. Tell us where and when and we will make sure it is authentic and designed to your ideas. We also provide several actual tattoo shop locations for studio rental.

If you have a location already I will provide necessary decor changes and recommendations to insure authenticity.

Equipment Rental
I provide all forms of tattoo equipment for rental purposes. All the necessary equipment to show a professional tattoo process. Tattoo machines, ink, power supplies, tattoo chairs, soaps, flash books, portfolios, etc. I can even provide tattoo artists, heavily tattooed customers, and tattoo shops for filming.

Logos and Branding
Custom design logos and artwork for branding purposes. Anything can be created by us for for-ground or background areas. I can also design tattoos for actors to be used during their entire filming as well as Title Design.

Please contact me with any questions or to schedule time 858-736-5464